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Distance:34 km from Limni to Edipso
Agiokambos is mainly known because of the port that joins Central Greece with North Evia. However, there are some beaches with fine sand, which is a rare thing in Evia, since the majority of beaches are covered by small pebbles.

Edipso’s Spa

Distance:27 km from Limni
The Edipso’s Spa is one of the most famous in Greece. Additionally the area consists of many beaches, shops and cafeterias. Edipsos is the most cosmopolitan town in North Evia

Elia's Beaches

Distance:17 kilometers from Limni to Edipso
Driving from Limni to Edipso with the mountain on one side and the sea on the other side, you will see the village Elia and it’s beaches, full of pebbles.

St. David’s monastery

Distance:21 kilometers from Limni to Edipsos
The monastery opened at the beginning of the century and is dedicated to Saint David. It is located a few kilometres from Limni, on the way to Rovies. To get there, you will need to leave the main street leading to Evia and follow a difficult road, which leads to the Kerasia village. It is only consisted by men and it is located in one of the most beautiful places in North Evia. The monastery has a lot of guest rooms. During the evening you will enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in Greece.

Rovies' Beaches

Distance:15 km from Limni to Edipsos
Rovies beaches don’t need umbrellas. At a distance less than 10 metres they are full of trees.



Distance:35 km from Limni to Chalkida
As soon as you reach the end of the street through the mountain (Agios), turn on the right, rather than continue to Chalkida. Following some narrow streets approximately for 20 minutes, you will get to the end of the street. There is Dafne. It is said that one day this street is going to be joined with the deadlock of Limni’s street after Galataki monastery.


Distance:25 kilometers from Limni to Chalkida
In Prokopi you will find the church of St. John the Russian, one of the most famous churches in Greece. Especially during the day of his celebration on 27 May, thousands of people come from all over the Greece to visit this church. Also you will find there the great 'Big Plane', a huge tree which has such a large diameter that it needs at least 18 people, to be embraced.

Saint Anne

Distance:15 km from Limni to Chalkida
St. Anna’s beaches result in Aegean Sea. The most special feature of Evia, is the fact that you will almost never lose your bathe. So when the weather is bad in Evian gulf, you can visit Saint Anne’s beach, which is long enough. Beside them are the Achladi and the Kria Vrisi.

Chronia's Beaches

Distance: 1.5 km from Limni to Edipsos
Driving towards Edipsos, just 1.5 km away, you will come across the beaches of Chronia. They are essentially a continuation of the beaches of Limni, so we basically talk about a huge beach within a radius of 3-4 kilometers from Lake.

Galatake Monastery

Distance:4 km away from the port
The monastery open many years ago and is dedicated to Saint Nicholas. It is located just outside Limni, over a small hill, shortly before the end of the road, that is supposed one day to result in Chalkida. It is occupied only by women and has no electricity. This seems that urges religious people into visiting the monastery very often and prefer to stay there over night.

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